Relationship Institute
Year: 2023

Dave was exhausted. He just hired 3 new employees in the past month but profit wasn’t increasing as much as he planned. These new hires were supposed to put his practice in a safe financial area where he could relax and spend less time worrying about his business. Instead Dave is staring at his computer screen, pulling his hair out over what should’ve been a smart business move. Stories like these happen almost every week for small business owners, and it always feels like the problem is too unique to get outside help.

Problem Statement

I met Dave at the right time through a friend’s referral. He clearly loved doing therapy and keeping his staff happy, but the numbers side of his business was draining him. Increasing sessions every month somehow wasn’t translating to more profit. He wanted to know where he could improve financially without getting bogged down in MBA lingo and theoretical ratios.


Once he explained all this to me, I asked him to show me how he tracked his data. Spread out over 5 mislabeled spreadsheets were a heap of miscellaneous tables and charts that his admin staff and him cobbled together. I found out where the data sources were, cleaned the data, and put it into my interactive dashboard. We then analyzed each of this therapist’s performance to see which hires were efficiently using intakes. For the first time in year, instead of flying blind, Dave actually felt like we had a clear view of his business.


With this new view, we found that two of the new hires had a lot of initial sessions without many follow ups, while the other hire was excelling with follow up appointments. Now that Dave could see a focused view of the problem, he was able to talk to the two struggling hires and do supervisions with them to see where they were turning clients away. He was also able to cut expenses by 16% when he saw exactly how his money was flowing throughout the business with my dashboard.


Each particular industry has certain metrics they need to be looking at to measure performance. In this case we found it was the intake / session ratio that was key in discovering therapist effectiveness, but for a different therapy business it could be something completely different. We completely changed the way Dave thought about collecting data and reporting, only putting effort into what metrics actually matter.