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These case studies on EMR’s are meant to briefly showcase what I was able to accomplish with each unique service and how that translated into insights for the practice owner. Some EHR’s are better than others for data analysis but there isn’t a lot of clear information out there comparing them. 


Therabill looks and feels like a dated EMR but it is fast and reliable. In this case study, we explore Therabill’s data capabilities, focusing on available data, reporting features, and data exporting functionalities. Our goal is to provide therapy business owners with a comprehensive overview of Therabill’s strengths and potential areas for improvement, aiding in informed decision-making when selecting an EMR solution.

Available Data: B+

Therabill offers a robust array of data options tailored to the needs of therapy practices. Users can record and access detailed patient information, including demographics, medical history, treatment plans, and progress notes. The software also supports scheduling data, allowing for efficient management of appointments and therapist availability. Additionally, Therabill includes billing data, tracking payments, insurance claims, and financial reports. This extensive data collection ensures that therapy practices can maintain comprehensive records, support clinical decision-making, and meet regulatory requirements.

Reporting: C-

Therabill allows you to export max 1 year (sometimes less depending on how buggy it is that day) of data as a CSV (Excel) file. This is the first step for data analysis and it is annoying to have to do 12 exports to get 2021 billing data. I say this with every EMR, but an API would be incredibly useful although most software providers avoid them for HIPPA security reasons.

Exporting the Data: C+

Once he explained all this to me, I asked him to show me how he tracked his data. Spread out over 5 mislabeled spreadsheets were a heap of miscellaneous tables and charts that his admin staff and him cobbled together. I found out where the data sources were, cleaned the data, and put it into my easily understood dashboard. We then analyzed each of this therapist’s performance to see which hires were working out. Instead of flying blind like before, I actually felt like we had a clear view of his business.

Overall EMR Grade for Data Analysis: B-

Therabill gets the jobs done as an EMR and as billing software, but leaves much to be desired from a data analysis perspective. I can make a simple dashboard with Therabill reports but the more complicated charts I like to make involving breakdowns by insurance, late notes, cancelations are much harder if not impossible due to the limiting data export options.

For all I’m complaining about Therabill it is still extremely secure, as it was not involved in the massive Feb 2024 cyberattack on Change Healthcare, which should count for something.

If you come to me with data in Therabill I can make you a dashboard, but it won’t be as advanced as a modern SimplePractice or TherapyNotes dashboard.

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