This service was created when we kept seeing the same gap between people who want to run their business and people who want to do the necessary advanced data analysis to keep on high on performance. There was such a small overlap between them as most small business owners just want to make high level decisions and do more of the work that they enjoy instead of getting lost in spreadsheets every week. With a broad range of professional industry expertise, we are here to bridge that gap.

Our expertise comes from intimate startup environments all the way to global corporate consulting firms, giving us a larger set of tools than most small business coaches. Ben comes from Berkeley’s Haas School of Business where he focused on startup growth and advanced data analytics.

We offer a unique service that summarizes your monthly data and pulls insights from them, letting you easily take control of the decision making. We have over 4 years combined experience helping small businesses with their monthly tracking, so you can focus on growing your business or just taking a vacation.