Custom Business Dashboards – No Matter How Weird Your Numbers Are

How easily can you answer these questions?

  • Is my new therapist performing well with their intakes?
  • Which insurance company is worth the credentialing investment?
  • Are video sessions increasing or decreasing?
  • Are my intakes staying for multiple sessions or dropping out? With which therapist?
  • Is it worth it to keep my second office open? How many sessions before it becomes profitable?

These are hard questions to answer, but necessary if you want to sustain a healthy practice. With more data than ever, the difference between a stable practice and chaos is often right there under our noses.

Ben I know data and tracking is important but I don’t want to dig around 7 different Excel files and my clunky CRM / Accounting software for hours every month to find these answers!

Introducing DataEase

Take Control of the Numbers that Drive your Business

When I helped Joe Bavonese automate his monthly reporting for the Relationship Institute, I was extremely frustrated how there wasn’t a central view for all these essential numbers which led me to create the HIPPA Compliant DataEase Dashboard.

What is this?

Click below to watch a 3 minute video detailing how DataEase can help reduce your stress – and increase your profitability:

This sound like something I can use Ben – how can I start?

Due to limited space, we can only offering this to the first 3 qualified practice owners. Qualified means you have your data in a structured source:

  • Billing info in an ERM/CRM program (SimplePractice, TherapyNotes, Therabill)

While other consulting companies charge from $2,000-$2,500 a month for this service, to celebrate the launch of this new service we are accepting the first 8 eligible people at a $749 setup fee. After that it’s only $79 a month to maintain, which includes new custom charts based on your goals and a monthly analysis session based on the trends in your data.

Want more website data with Google Analytics 4? DataEase includes FREE Google Analytics 4 Setup with conversation tracking so we can use this essential data in the dashboard.

Don’t get anything out of the dashboard? We give a guaranteed full refund if you don’t learn something new about your practice.

Click the link below to schedule a short call and see if you are eligible!


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