Google Ads – Campaign Creation, Tuneups, Maintenance

Do you have an existing Google Ads campaign that is NOT Converting Well?

Feel like you are spending LOTS of Money… but not Getting Much in Return?


Google changes their ad system almost every month, and most business owners don’t have the time or energy to keep up. Google is not your friend in this regard, as there are many traps they put in the their interface to make you spend more money on useless clicks from people outside your target.

As a professional Google Ads marketer, I can help your small business reach your target audience by creating effective advertising campaigns that convert clicks into actual customers, also making sure you don’t fall for the latest Google Ads money grab.


We offer 1 time Tuneups to revamp existing campaigns as well as a Monthly Maintenance package to campaigns up to date.

Monthly Maintenance
$149per month
  • Let Ben Bavonese do a monthly review your campaign, called Google Ad Optimization, exploring:
  • - your Campaign Settings
  • - your keyword list, positive and negative
  • - your position on the page – crucial for success!
  • - your keyword matching options
  • - your ad copy
  • - your ad extensions
  • - your network settings
  • - your location settings
  • - your ad schedule
  • - your ability to generate direct phone calls from your ads
  • - your Landing Pages
  • - any new features Google adds or changes
  • You will receive a written report of our findings, and any recommendations we might have for you to implement. This service includes ONE follow up email from you. It is not designed to teach you Google Ads.
Free Consultation

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