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These case studies on EMR’s are meant to briefly showcase what I was able to accomplish with each unique service and how that translated into insights for the practice owner. Some EHR’s are better than others for data analysis but there isn’t a lot of clear information out there comparing them. 


TherapyNotes is an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software designed specifically for mental health professionals, including therapists, psychologists, and counselors. It aims to streamline practice management, improve patient care, and ensure compliance through comprehensive data management and reporting features. This case study examines TherapyNotes’ data capabilities, focusing on available data, reporting functionalities, and data exporting options. The objective is to provide therapy business owners with valuable insights to support their decision-making when selecting EMR software.

Available Data: A+

TherapyNotes allows users to capture detailed client information such as demographics, medical history, treatment plans, and progress notes. The software supports robust scheduling capabilities for managing appointments and therapist availability. Additionally, TherapyNotes includes extensive billing features for tracking payments, generating invoices, and managing insurance claims. This comprehensive data collection enables therapy practices to maintain organized records, facilitate clinical decision-making, and meet regulatory requirements effectively.

Reporting: C+

TherapyNotes offers a variety of built-in reports, including financial summaries, treatment notes, and client progress reports. Much like the reporting in Simple Practice, there is very little customizability to these reports to see a more detailed metrics, like client churn, for example. Overall I don’t see practice owners using these reports for any heavy duty analysis.

Exporting the Data: A

TherapyNotes provides flexible data exporting capabilities, allowing users to export data in formats such as CSV and Excel.

What I like about TherapyNotes is the fact that most of the important data is all in one report with around 50 columns, making the export very simple. Because almost everything is in this one report, you don’t have to do as much joining and blending data before analysis can begin. This makes TherapyNotes one of my favorite EMR’s to use in terms of simplicity and how fast I can get going with the data.

Overall EMR Grade for Data Analysis: A

TherapyNotes is overall one of the best EMR’s you can use for analysis of your practice data. It shines in it’s abundant, comprehensive reports for almost any metric you can dream of.

If you come to me with data in TherapyNotes then I can make some really insightful dashboards, with an emphasis on advanced insurance and income reporting.

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