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These case studies on EMR’s are meant to briefly showcase what I was able to accomplish with each unique service and how that translated into insights for the practice owner. Some EHR’s are better than others for data analysis but there isn’t a lot of clear information out there comparing them. 


SimplePractice is a leading EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software designed for health and wellness professionals, including therapists, counselors, and social workers. It aims to streamline practice management by offering comprehensive features for scheduling, documentation, billing, and client communication. In this case study, we delve into SimplePractice’s data capabilities, focusing on available data, reporting features, and data exporting functionalities. Our objective is to provide therapy business owners with a detailed overview of SimplePractice’s strengths and areas for improvement, facilitating informed decisions when selecting an EMR system.

Available Data: A+

SimplePractice offers a very comprehensive suite of data options tailored to meet the diverse needs of therapy practices. Users can record extensive client information, including demographics, contact details, medical history, and treatment notes. The platform supports scheduling data, providing tools for managing appointments, therapist availability, and automated reminders.

From a data analysis standpoint this is the gold standard of available data. It is very well organized into different categories (Income/Billing/Insurance/Clients) with clean, easy to use reports. There is so much high quality available data that this is my favorite EMR to work with for dashboarding.

Reporting: B

SimplePractice does have some limited canned reports it shows in the “Dashboard” section. There is income, claims filed, and a few minor other charts included. This section is not very customizable and doesn’t really include anything a practice owner might actually want to see, like appointments by therapist, churn rate, etc. so it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I think SimplePractice realized this because they did actually reach out to me about advice on what owners actually want to see from a data visualization standpoint.

Overall I wouldn’t get too excited with their current dashboard capabilities and would still recommend using an outside service.

Exporting the Data: A

Like most EMR’s, SimplePractice offering users the ability to export data in multiple formats, including CSV and Excel. The exporting process is clean and user-friendly, with plenty of easy to use filters. You can even export years worth of data without any hair-pulling! (looking at your Therabill, TherapyPartner).

Overall EMR Grade for Data Analysis: A

SimplePractice is overall one of the best EMR’s you can use for analysis of your practice data. It shines in it’s abundant, comprehensive reports for almost any metric you can dream of.

If you come to me with data in SimplePractice then I can make some really insightful dashboards, with an emphasis on advanced insurance and income reporting.

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